I want to join Sugarficial as a paid blog contributor

Any contributor is welcomed to write for our blog. A paid contributor will work under a contract and you’re required to submit one blog per week. All blogs and topics must be approved by our editors. If you are interested in this option, email a writing sample to [email protected] and you will be given more information.


I want to submit one or two blogs at my leisure

If you have a great story to tell or good advice you wish to share with the community, you’re welcomed! All guest submissions must follow our Guest Post Requirements. You can either choose to submit anonymously, or create an account for the blog to be posted under. To get started, read our Submit-A-Post Guide.


I need advice on being a Sugar Baby

Visit our Sugarficial forum. Not only can you get all the advice that you need, you will also be able to meet other Sugar Sisters in the community.


I want to find myself a Sugar Daddy

Join TheSugarBook. That’s where you’ll meet a Sugar Daddy, not here. Sugarficial’s mission is teaching Sugar Babies how to use TheSugarBook, and creating a space to learn and connect with other Sugar Babies.

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