By | Published on Oct 08, 2016

 Nothing makes me feel sexier than getting dressed for a night out in town and listening to Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar On Me. It’s the perfect song for slathering on deliciously decadent body lotion, spraying on an enticing fragrance and, last of all, putting on some scorching lingerie. Even if no one sees it, a seductive bra and panty set or lacy slip is a layer of confidence that every Sugar Baby needs. Like great shoes or an amazing haircut, undergarments are a great investment.

The Mighty Bra :

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A good bra can do wonders for a Sugar Baby. Even if you’re not wearing an especially low cut top, you still want to make sure that your breasts are molded to perfection. It makes your clothes look better and when you look better, your awesome personality can come shining through. Small to medium breasts can always use a little push-up action, and some of the best bras come from the classic lingerie emporium, Fredericks’s of Hollywood. The strappy Lydia Lace Longline ($38.50) and the Lace Heart Throb ($29.50) are two sweetly adorable bras that will make the most of what you have without breaking your budget. You want it to fit well, so make sure that you measure both under and across the breasts. Your main goal is for the nipple to be mid-chest, which you can tell because that makes it right between your shoulder and elbow.



For more coverage and support while still making hearts race, you may want something like the Portia Red Flame bra (on the left, $74), which goes from 30DD to 36G. Retro styling and comfy straps give a retro-modern Mad Men silhouette that’s always hot. For smaller breasts, demi bras like this lacy violet stunner from Simone Perele (on the right, $98) shows a bit more skin, but still supports and lifts. These are definitely splurges, but the payoff is the silky fabric against your skin and knowing that you’re showing yourself to the best advantage.


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Panties can be a wispy scrap of silky mesh, lace thongs, or plain white cotton. In a way it doesn’t matter, but it’s best if they match your bra in color and fabric. Fancy pants come with back interest, like the Lace-up Cheeky Panty from Victoria’s Secret (on the left, $16.50) or with a slutty side, like these Sabrina Crotchless Lace Garter Knickers from Frederick’s (on the right, $22). The great thing about panties is that whether they cost one dollar or one hundred, they’re the gateway to paradise. Every Sugar Baby should have an overflowing drawerful of the sweet little things.


Le Corset :


Corsets are what separate the women from the girls. A corset is not just lingerie, it’s a tool to shape your body, mold your breasts and improve your posture. It’s like being in a really scandalous body cast! Some corsets just cover the waist, stipping under the bust, and some (sometimes called basques) are more like body suits and may have garter straps attached for hosiery. This sexy corset with embroidery and matching panty is a prime example of how one garment can change your whole attitude. For more shapely discipline, try the Maria Basque from Elomi ($115). Talk about dangerous curves!



This glorious Gloria basque from Agent Provocateur ($505) is a sheer dream featuring french embroidery, visible seams and a barely there bra. Not for the faint of heart! The tip to all three of these looks is keeping the panty in a matching fabric and making sure that you have the best hosiery to go with. Even if you don’t get undressed this is the type of lingerie that makes you feel powerful, definitely what you want to be wearing when you’re winning over your Sugar Daddy!


Garters and stockings :



Wearing garters and stockings is a complicated affair, but the effect is breathtaking. These garter belts from La Perla are perfect examples of the range of choices available, from waist cincher to half slip. There’s the elasticized garter cuff for the top of the stocking, or



Wolford makes the most delicious hosiery, in different densities, known as deniers. Perfect for stylishly snapping onto to garter belts, and silky to the touch. These are the Filigra lace stockings ($85). Most department stores or lingerie boutiques will have stockings to go with garters, too. Technically you could live your life never owning or wearing these things, but…why not? Try it and see where it takes you.


Loungewear, Robes and Negligees:

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There comes a time when even what you wear to bed becomes a wardrobe choice of monumental importance. Frumpy flannels or boxers don’t quite cut it anymore. You need…loungewear. Sweet little nothings that you slip on to keep the sexy vibe going. Babydolls are awesome. The Elsa Lace and Spot Mesh Chemise, from Frederick’s ($38.50) proves that. This piece is covered in the front, but all brazen provocation in the rear. Teddies are like hot onesies, as you can see from this Silk Chiffon Teddy, ($228). You can slip it on over bra and panties, giving the fantastic illusion of being dressed while wearing only a thin outline of chiffon. Genius.



This is what people mean when they say ‘slip into something more comfortable’. A gown and robe set like this Natori Ottoman Gown and Robe ($150) is perfect for relaxing at home or late night entertaining. You’re fully covered and co-ordinated, but the silky fabric is slit high on the leg for a little teasing show. It may seem old-fashioned, but a Sugar Baby should have at least one pretty robe and several items of loungewear for just in case. You can’t stay in a beautiful vacation home or hotel room dressed for bed in tatty socks and an old t-shirt. You have to be as well dressed as you were on date night, even if nothing happens.

The Sugar Life is like dating, only bumped up fifty notches. Learning how to buy and take care of lingerie gives you an edge and it’s something that can make you memorable. Dressed from the skin out, you’ll feel more confident and sexy, which makes you more desirable. When you dress prettily for bed, it gives you a feeling of beauty and success. It might even inspire a Sugar Shopping trip!

Have fun, Sugar Babies!