By | Published on Jul 27, 2017

When I think of Sugar Daddies, the men who come to mind would be Pierce Brosnan for his dashing silver fox looks and that smoldering sexy stare, Jerry Seinfeld for his witty sense of humor and Stephen Colbert (I have a weakness for intelligent, brazen and highly educated dark haired men).

If they come with a hefty bank account, the sexual experience of a Greek God and a massive… spirit of generosity, all the better.

Where else in the more recent years, there spawned a new counter-breed of young, dumb and full of cum; the Fuckboy. Now, what exactly is a Fuckboy?

A Fuckboy is a male who is still in the process of growing up (and a pair) and sleeps with women without any intention of pursuing a relationship but acts as such to prolong the ego boost and may at any single time, have multiple partners. He is a callous womanizer and a kind of loser as well.

Being a young woman living in an era of tech with the world literally at your fingertips, which end of the pendulum would you swing towards?

Opting to go for a Sugar Daddy would socially deem you as a Sugar Baby (we all know society fancies putting a label on everything to make sense of said thing) and you’d be in a mutually beneficial Sugar relationship.

Now let’s talk about the mutually beneficial bit of a Sugar relationship. Not any older Joe can be a Sugar Daddy; a Sugar Daddy must be financially secure if not sheer wealthy enough to make it rain Benjamins and you’d be able to add to your collection of Louboutins on at least a bi-monthly basis, eat at Michelin restaurants, stay at the Oberoi and most importantly, he possesses a solid sense of intellect and panache to have made it this far in life AND is generous with his sharing of knowledge, emotional support and bank content.

Not that we are hating on Fuckboys but really?

Are we not sick and tired of getting ghosted, having to foot for our own share of dinner at Appleby’s, holidays meaning road trip to the closest National Park and ugh, camping, and the worse, being emotionally manipulated into turning ‘psycho bitch’ when the damn Fuckboy has slept with you for a year yet highly reluctant to turn the situationship into any type of relationship except jump ship?

Call me crazy and a gold digger, whatevs.

Given these 2 options, I’d choose to sit on Daddy’s lap and be his good girl any day.