By | Published on Apr 20, 2017

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Unlike in the ’70s where singles cruised bars and discos and took the risk to search for love in all the wrong places, millions of singles each day join and log on to online dating sites with the belief that their efforts to find love and companionship are safe and secure.

Even without any Sugar added, the world of online dating is risky enough. TheSugarBook is a very safe sugar daddy dating site, but that doesn’t excuse you from taking safety precautions to protect yourself. The Internet is your best friend for staying safe but here are a few useful tips to avoid the danger during the pursuit of Sugar :


Do Your Research

So his profile shows that he’s ‘verified’, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be precautious when you’re getting to know your potential Sugar Daddy. If a profile is not “verified”, don’t be afraid to ask him for a thorough background check. Do some research about him on Google. This will help you find out more information about him prior to meeting him. If he is giving you a bad feeling, get out of there. Never accept a date if you feel uneasy about him. Always trust your instinct.

Never Meet In Private

This hasn’t been stressed enough but ALWAYS meet your date in public places. I understand that most men on sugar dating sites want to stay discreet but there are plenty of private bars and lounges where the both of you can meet if that’s the case. Never meet up a Potential Sugar Daddy for the first time at private locations like hotel rooms or his home. Insist to meet at a more public or familiar place to you. No matter what his excuse is, stay firm with your request and if he disagrees, you know something isn’t right. No money is worth compromising your safety.

Personal Information

Never, ever give out any of your personal or financial information to someone before you meet in person. I repeat, never. If he mentions that he wants to send you some money before meeting you, you can always utilize payment gateway services such as Paypal, Payoneer and Google Wallet where the only thing connected to the account is your email address. This will make the transaction so much easier and risk free. Once you’ve met him and trust is built, its up to you if you decide to reveal more information.

The Power of the Block/Report Button

The moment someone makes you feel uncomfortable in any way possible, first, hit the block button, then, report his ass! Here at TheSugarBook, we take our user reports very strictly and we want to be notified as soon as possible of any inappropriate activities. If there is solid evidence, we will suspend the user immediately to prevent him from making another user feel uneasy or harassed.



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