By | Published on Oct 15, 2017

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Every girl hopes, no scratch that, WANTS to date a rich guy.

Having the convenience to live in a world of technology, we don’t need to settle. For anything.

If you change your mind on this top that you just bought, buy another one. If you don’t like your job, switch to greener pastures. If this fuckboy is submarining you, let him stay submerged and move on.

We can easily change our minds as quickly as we change our panties so in which direction should be go.


The only way is up.

Last year I got out of a long-term relationship. We were together ever since college and did the whole shebang; rent a room, got us a couple of hamsters, graduated 3 months apart and started in the working world almost the same time as well. We talked about our hopes and dreams and the white picket fences but we started growing apart.

He was spending late nights at work and coming home stinking of beers and cigarettes. Every month I cringe when the credit card bills arrive. He’s been out ‘entertaining clients’ it seems. Our arguments became emotionally abusive and tortuous. Those white picket fences drifted further and further.

The last straw was when I caught him cheating on me with a colleague. He even brought that bitch to fuck on our bed in our house.

That night I packed everything and moved to a hotel. I stayed at that hotel for a month, racking up a sky-high account. I lost my job because I stopped going. I lost weight because I stopped eating. I was in a funk.

It was what I thought would be another lonely and gloomy night with hotel room service dinner and pay-per-view when I was aimlessly browsing online that I came across TheSugarBook.

Sugar Daddy Dating was not something that even crossed my mind let alone try but I registered for an account anyway. What have I to do?

I browsed through the potential Sugar Daddies and yeah, some of them were rather good looking and silver fox sexy and I received a couple of messages.

One of them requested to see my private photos which as a joke, I actually put a selfie of the current state I was in – sans make up, fat and hair in disarray.

I granted access and within 3 minutes, he asked what’s wrong and what can he do to make it better.

I scoffed at this man who thinks he can fix my problems but I carried on speaking to him.

Within the next month, I was out of the hotel (bill fully paid for) and in my own apartment, on the way to losing weight and back to feeling and looking like a person who gives enough of a damn to make an effort.

His name was Gerald. He was kind and generous and gave great motivational speeches. He covered all my financial grievances providing that I get off my depressive ass. He listened to me and actually heard me. He helped me with getting my own place and he’s a fantastic lover in bed.

Gerald was 54 while I was 22 and even with a bit of a paunch, he was attractive because he was sweet. I was on a Sugar Daddy Dating website and I found my sweetness. He told me to aim high and go for gold.

Well, I’d rather call them goals instead. 😉

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