By | Published on Sep 26, 2017

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The simple answer is of course, to have someone financially support me and to not have to worry about money. But a Sugar Relationship is more than just the cash, it’s an affection.

Growing up in a middle-class home where both my parents worked, while I was a single child with a puppy as my best friend, I always envied the neighborhood kids with their siblings and large and loud family. I turned to books instead and my favorite read to this day is still ‘Lolita’ by Vladimir Nabokov. Maybe it was the illicit romance or the thrill of a tabooed relationship where a much older Humbert worshipped the ground that Dolores walked on, that piece of literature dominated my adolescent fantasies.

Then in my teens, I was introduced to the birds and the bees when Chuck, a senior older than me by 3 years with his thick black curls and brooding eyes stole a kiss and immediately went to first base. All this happened in the school library and instead of feeling offended, I was excited.

I seek him out from that afternoon on and he showed me where and how a male would like to be pleasured over that sweaty summer.

Armed with what I thought was extensive sexual knowledge, I commenced the new year at school with an aim; to explore. But boys my age were ridiculous.

Rather than embrace a willing wanton partner, they were intimidated. I was not to be stopped though.

At my 18th birthday party, my father invited his business partners. Supposedly to show off our lavish home and all the material goods that he could afford from amassing all the fortune. I was bored to my bone until I kept feeling a pair of eyes on me.

I looked up and saw this handsome, older man with grey streaks in his hair and a cheeky twinkle in his eye. He gave a half smile and I could feel him staring at my bare legs. Again, that titillating sensation returned and my entire body felt hot and heaty.

As my father droned on and on about investments and drank his Dirty Martinis till he’s in a state of stupor, I was exchanging bodily fluids with Mark in the garage. It was so forbidden and absolutely, provocative and his hands so expertly moved all over my young and quivering torso. Like, who was Chuck again?

Mark became my first Sugar Daddy.

When I moved to college upstate, Mark would send the limo for me once every month and we’d devour each other like naughty teenagers. He was 48 while I was only 19 but he had the stamina of marathon runner.

He would also send me beautiful gifts all the time. Expensive perfumes, diamond earrings and gorgeous lingerie. To be pampered like a princess was divine.

He found out I was being made to work part-time by my father and decided that we should spend those time in bed and he’d provide me with an allowance instead. Being that young, and consistently having money in the bank made me feel secure. I didn’t ever have to worry about what the usual student have to; my accommodation, books, food and expenses were taken care of every month. With more than enough to spare.

All the way until I graduated. Then I parted ways with my generous first Sugar Daddy with whom I’ll always have a place in my heart.

Like all young adults, I was thrown into the working world. It felt odd to accept a salary that is significantly less than the allowance that Mark was giving me but I felt like I needed to at least, try.

Until I met the CEO of the Fortune 50 company I was employed at.

Tall, arrogant and charismatic with an innate understanding of the power he holds due to his position and wealth, I was enamored.

I started wearing low-cut blouses to meetings, and pencil skirts with higher slits and a garter belt peeping out underneath. Granted he was nearly 60, but he was a smoking fine silver fox. You could tell that he works out still. And the influence he has over people was absolutely sexy as hell.

Needless to say, after a short 2 months of coyness and cleavage, I had Mr. Fortune 50 wrapped around my little finger and I quit my job, moved into a fully paid for loft on Madison Avenue and a supplementary card.

I didn’t choose the Sugar Baby Lifestyle, the Sugar Baby Lifestyle chose me.=

If only hot, experienced and capable men don’t attract me, then I may consider having a ‘normal’ life. But let’s face it. Normal is just another word for boring and I love my Sugar Baby Lifestyle.


So, to answer the question of Why I Want a Sugar Daddy?

Why not?





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