By | Published on Nov 04, 2016

Hookers and Sugar Babies are just some of the terms that people use interchangeably regardless of their proper definition. But is there actually a difference between the two? There has been an on-going debate about the differences between a hooker and a Sugar Baby.

Take into consideration the fact that a hooker or Sugar Baby is a person providing companionship in exchange for some monetary gains. It is still worthy to note that both terms differ in a way or two. So let me ask you this question: when you see Pretty Woman on television, who do you associate Vivian Ward with? Is she a hooker for accepting money from Edward Lewis? Or can you consider her as a Sugar Baby who found a Sugar Daddy to help her advance her career? We are all talking about money and sex but surely, there is more than meets the eye. So, here are some facts on how, where and when these two terms differ from each other.

1. Quality is always better than quantity

There is an average 40 million hookers in the world ranging as young as 12-14 years of age and reaching as old as 40 and the number rises by the second. A hooker becomes a hooker because it is the only trade they know that they can always excel in. Their only goal is to earn money by sleeping with as many clients as they could in a day. The number of clients they get in a day serves as their bragging right. This means that they have bigger chances of cashing in money for that day. Most importantly, a hooker is hired to give pleasure, not love. Whether manual, oral, vaginal or anal, so once the client is done, poof! — they’re gone just like that.

Sugar Babies differs so much from a hooker in terms of career and the people they associate themselves with. To start off, Sugar Babies are people who are either still studying or already working and they don’t necessarily brag about their Sugar Daddies because they already have something they can be proud of. Not everyone has the personality to be a Sugar Baby.

You must be confident, assertive and very very smart. A Sugar Baby has in depth knowledge of things they are most interested in and they only choose a Sugar Daddy who can help them advance their career in their chosen field. Although their sugar daddies pay them, their relationship is not just a temporary fix that they can throw off the window once they get bored. One Sugar Daddy who can give you the world is equivalent to a lifetime supply of money, jewelry, and more!

2. The level of intimacy differs

Another difference between a hooker and a Sugar Baby is the level of intimacy they provide for their clients. They get paid to pretend they like what they are doing even if they feel otherwise. Remember the movie Memoirs of a Geisha? Ring a bell? Perfect! That perfectly sums up the kind of intimacy a hooker provides for her client– fake it until you make it. How would you feel getting to bed with someone fifty years older than you? With all those white hairs and wrinkled old skin, there is nothing much you can do but sleep through the whole ordeal. However, sad as it might be, a hooker needs to believe he was 32 or maybe even David Gandy– all for the sake of getting sexually aroused.

Sugar Babies develop a certain bond with their Sugar Daddies. A Sugar Baby can sleep with her Sugar Daddy without faking her emotions. This is because she knows that there is a certain kind of special relationship between the two of them. It doesn’t just involve lust but also a slight chance of real romance. Just like Vivian Ward in Pretty Women, she puts this difference into the right perspective– she started off as a hooker who will do everything except kissing on the mouth, but she soon found herself developing an intimate relationship with Edward Ellis, thus making her break her own rules.

This kind of intimacy that a Sugar Baby gets to enjoy my friends, is just a far-fetched dream to a plain and boring hooker. It is literally a relationship. You go on dates, things progress naturally, you text, you call, it is just like regular dating but with different expectations. The goal is mutual understanding. They understand what men truly desire. Mutual respect is key. Kudos to the men that are generous enough to help young and beautiful ambitious women achieve their goals and dreams.

3. A job and a choice

It’s plain and simple, a hooker gets paid for sex. She is hired to please her clients. She does not have to remember his name or get his phone number. As long as a prospective client has the capability to pay BIG, a hooker will say yes. It is not a matter of how old the client is, what he does for a living, what he looks like or whether or not he wants to have unprotected sex. Basically a hooker doesn’t have a choice about mostly anything because, let’s face it, money is everything.

A Sugar Baby, on the other hand, can choose whatever she wants. Starting off with picking the right Sugar Daddy for her. Do you want a perfect example? Okay, here it is: Chiyo Sakamoto, a geisha. She picked the Chairman out of all the hundreds of men wanting to be with her because she knew there was something special between the two of them. At the end of the day, a Sugar Baby knows that being in a relationship with a Sugar Daddy is not a job but a lifestyle and wellness choice. Who would want to get in a sugar relationship with someone who can’t sustain her financial needs and who is about to die from sickness? I sure would say no!

The differences between a hooker and a Sugar Baby vary depending on how well you understand their needs.

P.S. Vivian Ward and Chiyo Sakamoto are probably laughing at all the hookers around the world right now because they found real love— something hookers might never have!