By | Published on Nov 08, 2017

It was a rainy day outside and all I wanted to do was drink wine while listening to my favorite tune. Eamon’s ‘Fuck That’ blasted through my speakers and as I begin to vibe with the music, I received a text message. It was him.  

Dom was his name. We’ve been exchanging text messages for a month and met up for coffee once. There wasn’t a single day we stopped talking to each other. He is outrageously good looking and every bit irresistible.

‘’Taking you to Providence tonight. 8pm. See you ;)’’ he texted.

I locked my phone and smiled. I was ready for this day. I showered, curled my hair and put on my favorite outfit. I wore a fitted white crop and a matching pencil skirt that showed no more than an inch of my belly. Sexy and classy, just the way I wanted it. My makeup was done slightly more bold with smokey eyes and plum-tinted lipstick.

He arrived exactly at 7.59pm. A polite smile spread across my face as he got down from his Bentley Continental. He looked so suave standing there with his dark blue denims and white shirt with his collar unbuttoned.

I was fucking swooning.

‘’Hello beautiful,’’ he said, ‘’You look lovely.’’

‘’I’m glad you like it,’’ I said as I gave him a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek.

‘’Oh, of course I like it,’’ he said. ‘’Ready to go?’’ he asked with his ever so charming smile.

I looked deeply into his eyes, smiled and nodded.


My smile became a fixation all the way to Providence. It was a place he was well familiar with. He knew the food was excellent and ambiance was friendly, but intimate. As soon as we reached, the maître d’ gave us a table for two at the back of the restaurant where it was private and more secluded.

We had a 3-course meal and drank a lot of wine. Conversation and banter were as smooth as the drinks we passed back and forth.

We began to get to know each other. We talked about ourselves in general terms; finding out what each other liked, beliefs and dreams. Dom was confident and talked really smoothly. I was catching looks a lot more often than I thought I would.

‘’So… looks like I’m your Sugar Daddy now,’’ he asked cheekily.

‘’Well, I have three requirements.’’

‘’And they are..?’’

‘’One, there has to be consistent loyalty, at least when you’re fucking me. Two, my expenses must be fully paid. Three, there must be orgasms involved.’’

‘’Is that all?’’, he bit his lip while his right hand reached out slowly and gently touched my chin. ‘’I can do that, the third one especially.’’

We both knew how the night was going to end. Yes, indeed, we fucked. It was intimate and passionate beyond measure. I never felt more connected with another human being.

Awhile after the sex, his eyes were closed and seemed to be asleep. I watched him sleep and brushed his hair lightly. What are all these emotions that I’m feeling?

Something felt different about him, nothing like I’ve ever felt before with my past Sugar Daddies. I never had any desire to be in a relationship with anyone but I could actually see Dom and I in a fun long-term arrangement together. Provided that he does not get bored of me first. I knew for a fact that this was the last situation that I would want to get myself into but I took a leap of faith.

We continued going out like a regular relationship, allowance provided, of course. Many things changed. My lifestyle, my perspective and so did my feelings for Dom. I wasn’t sure if I was in love but everything about him was unforgettable.


8 months have passed. Dom and I are happier than ever. He got me a new apartment and he comes over a couple of times a week – we still needed our own personal space. He has been giving me allowance every week for my daily expenses, shopping and he would occasionally take me on vacations.

I would not put a label on us because I am happy with what we are now. We’ve come this far because of our mutual efforts in working things out.

I never realized what this could actually turn into, but does anybody really know?