By | Published on Dec 12, 2020

Are you taking your Sugarbook profile description section for granted? Because one good profile bio makes huge difference. A generic profile that doesn’t give out much about yourself or says the wrong things will be easily overlooked by the people you hope to connect with.

If you want to attract more well-suited matched, here are some of the things you should include in your profile:


Give a snapshot of who you are

Start out by describing your most prominent and positive personality traits. Are you an adventurous person? Take some time to write descriptively. For example, if you like to travel, don’t just say ‘I love travelling’. Talk about your favourite travelling destinations, or dream destinations because the person who is intrigued by it will take note! Don’t be afraid of openly showcasing the true you and what you are. Everything will reveal in time anyway. Give your potential dates and idea of how you live your life and what it would be like dating you.

Don’t include a checklist

Yes, we want you to be upfront and honest. But we don’t mean that you should make a checklist under your About Me to scare people off– that’s not hot. Steer clear from negativity, or advertising what you DON’T want. Simply listing a bunch of things is just not enticing. Instead, tell people about you, what your interests are or what makes you different. You can also say who you want to meet but avoid sounding overly specific as to their characteristics or personalities.

Include information that will spark conversations

The key to a successful Sugarbook profile is simple: Give people something to talk to you about. Making the first move and starting a conversation may not be easy for some people. They may not have the confidence to put themselves forward and engage in conversations with new people. Your profile bio should be a conversation starter. Include the essentials and highlight what’s most interesting about yourself that make people want to start a conversation with you.

Slow down on the duckface selfies

To get someone to notice your profile, you must have a good profile photo. And ‘good’ doesn’t necessarily means ‘hot’. It’s more about how you’re presenting yourself in the picture. Choose photos that make you seem approachable. No photos with sunglasses or hiding your face. Steer clear of creepy photos. Sugarbook review team takes this into account when picking people off the waitlist.

What are you looking for?

Your profile is a great opportunity for you to filter out what you want and what you don’t want. If you’re interested in NSAs, don’t engage with people who state ‘looking for a long term arrangement’ in their profile. You want to attract the people who are seeking what you are seeking for. If you want a short term arrangement, say so! Don’t hedge or downplay your desires for the types of arrangement you want. State your needs clearly to avoid any future conflicts.

Leave out the negativity

Many people tend to use their profile to showcase their pessimism and bitterness. Negativity is not sexy at all! If you fill that space with negative language, what you’re NOT looking for in a partner or arrogance, the likelihood of you not getting a date is about 95%. People come to Sugarbook to meet fun and interesting people, so don’t give people the impression that you are someone they clearly don’t want to meet. Keep your profile bio positive, confident, and succinct.