By | Published on Sep 24, 2017

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When my best friend Lissa turned 30, she decided to throw herself a ‘dirty thirty’ birthday bash.

Sitting down on the couch in my 5 inch stilettos, my legs crossed as I adjusted my tight-fitting red dress. 90’s R&Bs blasted through the Bluetooth speakers while Lissa’s guests slowly turned up at her apartment. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed this tall, handsome man dressed in a dashing suit checking me out across the room. He was middle-age, probably in his early fifties, and he looked perfect. He strutted over the moment he realized I had acknowledged him.

‘’Hi there,” he greeted with a smile. “I’m Alex. Would you like to dance?’’ I nodded. He reached out one hand and led me to the center of the living room, where a few people were dancing.

I was captivated by the way he stared into my eyes as we waltzed casually.

‘’So, planning to tell me your name?’’

I paused, lost in his eyes.

‘’Natalie. My friends call me Nat.’’

His soft, sexy lips and jawline were covered in unshaven stubble. Dazed by his appearance, I couldn’t help but imagined Alex’s big, strong hands running up my thighs all the way to my silk underwear. My untamable imagination was sending my mind into a state of intoxication.

After eyeing me for awhile as we danced, Alex felt comfortable enough to grab me by my waist to the bar. As he swirled his wine and drank it generously, I’ve never realized how sexy a man can appear to be just by drinking wine. We got ourselves more wine, enjoying each other’s company.

I wanted him, and he wanted me. We both knew it.

By my third glass, I started getting tipsy. ‘’I’m not responsible for my bad behavior if I’m drunk’’, I blurted out, grinning with one hand over my mouth. He placed his hand over mine and my body shivered.

“Let’s get out of here,” he whispered. He led me away from the party. I glanced behind and saw Lissa raise an eyebrow in our direction from the dance floor as we headed out.

We checked into a ritzy hotel, with the receptionist giving us a condescending stare (oh, how predictable) as she passed us our Penthouse key. Stepping into the elevator, Alex looked straight into my eyes and traced his finger across my lips.

He leaned forward, opened his mouth inviting me in. Next thing I knew, we were making out. Passionately. I could feel the heat spreading from between my legs all the way up to my face. I couldn’t help but pulled his body closer towards me, my hands reaching down into his jeans and towards his crotch. I bit his lower lip and gazed into his eyes, stopping every movement while I wrapped my fingers around his cock. As expected, it was rock hard and ready.

His lips pulled back into an anticipating smirk. With his hands around my wrists, he spun me around and heaved me across the table so that my body was bent over. His muscular hands ripped my panties off, exposing my bare ass and spanked my ass with his hand. I could hear myself moaning as his cock rammed into my vagina with the force of a piston.

Say my name.” His cock ramming my vagina. “Say my fucking name,” he repeated into my ear, sounding soft yet asserting.

‘’Fuck me, Alex, fuck me harder please,’’ I begged, feeling the rapid penetrating movement of his cock bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. His cock was wet and slippery from a mixture of my vaginal juices and his pre-cum. Panting and almost in tears, my knees trembled as I came violently. The orgasmic pleasure radiated from my pussy like a euphoric explosion.

Who would’ve thought a 50 year-old man could fuck so well?

We lied in bed after everything, his body on top of mine, starring into each other as we catch our breath.

I walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower tap. Hell, I thought to myself as I shampooed my hair, I’ve never been this bold with a boyfriend before, let alone with a stranger who’s almost old enough to be my father. What was I even thinking?

The morning after, to my disappointment, I woke up alone. Alex had left and all I found was an envelope on the table containing a substantial amount of cash.

A little note inside wrote “Thanks for the great night. You made me feel young again.’’ I grinned and stuffed the cash into my purse, tossing the envelope into the bin.


Lissa’s mind is going to blow when she hears about this.

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