By | Published on May 31, 2017

A Sugar Baby allowance is not a salary you get from your boss or a birthday gift from your parents. Whether you’re a newbie or expert Sugar Baby, there is always one frequently asked question: What is the best way to receive allowance from your Sugar Daddy?

It is inevitable that you will constantly be receiving a big lump sum of money, hence, Sugar Babies must always be financially smart and secure when it comes to receiving Sugar funds.

Here are some popular methods for safe money transfers and how to go low-key with your allowance to keep eyes prying at the bay :



I personally like accepting allowance in cold, hard cash. Cash is always a good option because, well, it is untraceable. It is probably one of the most favored ways to receive allowance. This is the best way for any Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy who wants to stay discreet because it is paperless, anonymous and untraceable.


This is by far the best option for a seamless and anonymous transfer. It is convenient for those who do not want to reveal any of their personal information. All you need is an email address to create a Paypal account. It is advised to set up a Paypal account with an ‘alias’ for your email address. All your Sugar Daddy needs is your email address to make a transaction and it’ll be done in a matter of minutes!

Direct Deposit

Another popular way of receiving your allowance is through direct deposit. I would advise all my Sugar Sisters to choose this method only if you’ve established enough trust in your Sugar Daddy. This is because you’ll have to share your bank information; name of your bank, account number and account name. However, this is a perfect way for Sugar Babies who receive weekly, bi-monthly or monthly allowance. Keeping the money in the bank is typically more secure than collecting wads of cash under your bed.

Bill Payment

This is also one of my favourite ways of handling money orders. Lavish gifts, trips, rent, tuition fees and shopping bills is a great way for Sugar Daddies to pay me. As long as he has the financial burden taken care of, I’ll have nothing to worry about.

Gift Cards

For Sugar Babies who do not want any paper trail, gift cards are a great option. I would be more than pleased if my Sugar Daddy got me a Saks gift card worth a few grand(or more). Bored of that Gucci bag? Swipe the card and get another one! Not only I get to pick and buy whatever I like, I can even get a top up after I’ve spent it all! If you don’t really fancy the material things, request for an AMEX or Visa card. These ones can be spent anywhere, and used to pay bills.

So, what is your favourite method of handling your allowance?