By | Published on Jun 07, 2017

You should know by now, securing a Sugar Daddy is not an easy task. Conversation is crucial to a successful Sugar relationship. Its important to ask the right questions and talk about appropriate things. Though, it can be tricky to kick off a good conversation with your Sugar Daddy. It either leads to an arrangement or lead to nothing at all. How do you reach out and make your conversation interesting with your Sugar Daddy? Here are some tips and tricks on mastering the art of conversation:


The Classics

Great communications start with being genuinely interested in the individual you’re with. The process starts with asking about your POT’s background- what does he do? What are his hobbies? Take your time to slowly get to know the man behind all that online messages. This will give you an insight into your potential Sugar Daddy’s personality. It is the perfect chance to learn about his life, history and everything in between. He’ll be more than happy to share with you the things he has accomplished or achieved in life. I mean, what man doesn’t like talking about himself right?

Talk about travel, not movies

Its always a good idea to talk about travel. People always enjoy talking about their travel experiences. It is enlightening and expansive. Both of you can exchange your travel experiences with each other – who you met or what happened during a trip, discussing these might spark some funny stories! You can also share your most memorable trip with him. It may even inspire him to bring you along on his next trip since you’d make a perfect travel partner!

Current events

Is the conversation running dry? Don’t worry. You can talk about what is in the news. You don’t have to go on a political debate, some light-hearted headlines are good enough to break the ice. Being knowledgeable can patch the lull in any conversation and help you get to know each other better. There is a whole world out there teeming with events worthy of discussion, you’ll probably even learn a new point of view! This will not only show him that you’re an educated individual who is interested in world events, it makes you appear more intelligent!

Your background and goals

It is finally time to talk about yourself! You should know that he’s already interested in you since he asked you out on a date. So don’t be afraid to tell him a little something about the lady he’s about to wine and dine. Tell him where you grew up, what your interests are or just anything interesting about yourself that could keep him hooked. Most importantly, share your goals with your him! I mean, you joined the Sugar Bowl for a reason. You are looking for someone who can help you achieve your goals in life and you never know if the person sitting right in front of you might just be the one!