By | Published on Feb 13, 2017

5 Common Excuses Sugar Babies Make

The interaction between a Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby is still considered a controversial approach to dating. Even in these modern times we live in, often you find yourself covered in excuses to why you chose this sort of setup. Some of the most common myths surrounding Sugar Relationships make you keep your lifestyle strictly to yourself and not share the story with wider audiences.

Here are 5 excuses you need to stop making about why you actually love being a sugar baby and have no regrets about it.

  1. This is just temporary while I get on my feet

It may start off as a temporary thing for a lot of us, sometimes just out of curiosity. Sometimes out of real financial need. Sometimes out of loneliness. Whatever the reason has been for you, we all admit that it is very tempting to never wonder whose turn it is to pick up the dinner bill. But the more involved in Sugar Relationships you get, the more you understand that you can basically get what you want out of the arrangement. What started as a temporary thing may blossom in a wicked way to be able to meet someone that matches your needs and expectations. You set the deadline if there needs to be one. As in any relationships – there is no restriction in age, race, height or eye color, it’s just a matter of the right match of rules.

  1. I am not forced into any sexual relations

Your sexual preferences should never be anyone’s else concern but your own and your partners. So, if you choose to go “all in” with your Sugar Daddy then it is entirely up to you. Only you can make that decision. Most men expect to have sexual relations with the sugar baby they take on a date. This is true on a basic level and is not limited only to Sugar Daddies. But if you set ground rules from the very beginning – you know you’re off to a good start. You could in fact give some valuable advices on this matter for those girls in a “standard relationship” with no power to say “No” to what is “expected” of them just by the fact that they are someone’s girlfriend or wife.

  1. He is not just a bag of cash, he has a personality

Human factor is very important wherever you look around! And you know it better than anyone – Sugar Babies and their partners can be characterized with goal oriented personalities. We know what we want, we speak it loudly and we go for it! Oh, and we get it, of course! Sugar Couples are looking for that one same thing that seems to be on everyone’s mind – the companionship. And in the end of the day – it’s not the amount of money our Sugar Daddies have that we go for, it’s their level of generosity. How much they are willing to put in. He can be the richest man on earth, but we won’t go for him if he doesn’t match our standards in life.

  1. No, he’s neither old nor married

It is sometimes funny how this is still a thing! In the society where millionaires are mostly young people who have ignited their successful startups and now are owning multiple companies, there are still so many misconceptions that only old rich guys who are miserable in their marriages enter the world of Sugar Daddies. If you ever need to make this excuse – print the list with the richest guys on the Forbes Top 50 with their age next to it. Now more than ever young people are not ready to invest in a relationship with uncertainty . This is where the clear set-up of Sugar Babies come in handy.

  1. I don’t do it only for the money, I can pay my own bills

The contents of your wallet belong to you. Would you go talking about your salary with your friends if you had a nine-to-five job? So, why make excuses about the finances of your life if you are a Sugar Baby? Exactly! That – as anything else concerning your companionships – is between you and your Daddy. Of course, you still must be in tight control of it without undergoing the risk of being taken advantage of if you don’t set your allowances and boundaries. But this is true in any relationships and for both parties.

You hear people making inappropriate commentaries about relationships of other people all the time. The truth is that is none of their business. And the good news for you – you are only to answer to anyone but yourself for your own relationship choices. Live your life, dear, and never choose something you dislike just because someone else said you should. If you must – do make your own mistakes and learn from them in a way only you can.