By | Published on Nov 24, 2017

Picture this: You’re a beautiful young lady struggling to pay your way through college, working several part time jobs to cover rent and other miscellaneous debts.

If you had all the money in the world, do you think it would make your life easier?

Definitely a BIG YES.

Money pays for your rent. Money buys you good food. Money buys that fabulous dress you’ve been eyeing for the last 3 weeks. Let’s be honest, money can accommodate the luxurious lifestyle you’ve been longing for.

Isn’t it nice to have someone take you out for dinner from time to time? Or someone you can call when rent’s due? Money, despite what any of us tends to believe about “love conquering all”, really matters when you’re in a relationship.

Put your fuckboys aside and bring in the Big Daddy. Love might, indeed, conquer all, but you also need a roof over your head, sweetie.

You’re in the Sugar Bowl for a whole lot of reasons: You prefer mature men who can mentor you and are financially stable so that you don’t have to work 3 part time jobs to make ends meet. In a Sugar Relationship, everything is so honest and transparent that you probably won’t need to have awkward conversations about financing a romantic getaway in Maldives.

The Sugar Daddies on TheSugarBook like to get right down to “business,” they are willing to gift, spoil and pay your bills. You might not have met one yet, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t meet him ever. They key to yourself a Sugar Daddy allowance is to be patient and reasonable.


What do you need?

The first step is to have a clear mindset on what you want to get out of your arrangement. What is the ideal dollar amount that you need to be able to live comfortably? Instead of letting him ask ‘Is $XX enough for you?’, fix an amount that you desire so that you don’t come off as an amateur SB and be taken for granted of. Before you start saying things like, ‘I don’t know how much I want, I’m new to this’, establish a good game plan when the allowance talk rises.

What arrangement works best for you?

Have you figured out how you want to receive you allowance? Pay per meet? Monthly? Bi-weekly? Are you Sugaring to cover your expenses fully or is your allowance just an extra bonus? Before you set an amount, calculate your living expenses, food, bills, loans and etc. Your allowance should be able to ease your financial burdens.

ProTip: Calculate your living expenses and double it 😉

If you’re a Sugar Baby that doesn’t need a regular allowance­– but you don’t mind a pair of Louboutins, some designer bags and be a regular of exclusive clubs, simply head over to TheSugarBook and go on some casual dates. Get wined and dine with a little allowance on the side. Easily set up your Sugar Baby account and Sugar Daddies will be flooding your Inbox with attractive offers. If you never try, you’ll never know.

Want to travel the world but all you see is an empty bank account?

You want to see the world, travel to the beautiful cities in Europe and all across the other side of the world. A Chanel bag is nice, but a trip to Milan is nicer. Sugar dating is an opportunity for you to travel the places you’ve always dreamed about. Besides receiving an allowance, getting a Sugar Daddy to splurge on a vacation for the both of you is actually easier to ask for!

Reach your financial goals

What is your long term financial goal? Want to get a place of your own? Drive a fancy car? You could depend on your current Sugar Daddy financially but you will need to set a long-term goal for yourself. Marriage? Let’s start by learning how to negotiate for your monthly allowance.


All these tips won’t help you if you don’t put them to good use. So start asking for what you want and get what you deserve. Happy Sugaring!