By | Published on Apr 03, 2017

As a twenty-something millennial trying to manage a love life in a time period where nudes and Netflix are date night musts, I’m all too familiar with the moment where sugar just doesn’t seem as sweet anymore. Whether the initial spark has faded, my Sugar Daddy at the moment seems to be trying to flag down a jet plane with the amount of red flags he’s been proudly waving, or that grey area of commitment is a concern: I’ve found there are two options. After you realize there’s an issue you can’t ignore and your ship just hit an iceberg you can choose to either try to fix the leak or abandon your sinking ship.

Unfortunately it’s natural to find that sometimes a relationship has simply run its course and there’s not much you can do to salvage the wreckage. Take cues from Rose à la the infamous door scene from the 1997 classic Titanic, sometimes there really is only room on that door for one of you. But, not to worry! There are a few things you can do to break things off as smoothly as possible :


Be Sure Of Your Decision

Sometimes we find ourselves dissatisfied in our relationship for many different reasons and that’s totally normal! This calls for open and honest self reflection. It could take a day, a week or a month but being real with yourself is critical. But it can help you distinguish if you’re unhappy for the moment or unhappy as a whole. All relationships require hard work and dedication. Like building a fire, you have to tend to it and help build it up or it will eventually fizzle out. At the same time no Sugar Daddy is worth sacrificing your happiness, your individuality, your sanity, etc. Your sugar relationship should be fun and carefree, not a chore you grow to dread. It’s okay (and encouraged) to put yourself first, self care is not selfish care!

Come Clean

Once you’ve made the decision that leaving your Sugar Daddy is what’s best for both of you after you’ve been honest with yourself, you have to be real with him as well. You have to put on your adult pants and open that line of communication. Let your Daddy really feel and understand where you’re coming from, what you want, and why you’re choosing to go your own way. Be firm with him and stick to your truth but keep the mutual respect alive as well. Choosing to end things does not mean anything has to escalate into a fight or war of words. Remind each other why you both entered your arrangement and come out of it the same way, with care and understanding.

Stop Taking

We all know how good it feels to get that new pair of Christian Louboutin pumps and own date night in those classically comfortable red soles but you have to politely decline any gifts Daddy wants to give you. Ending your sugar relationship means ending any arrangement you’ve had previously. While his intentions may be pure (or he’s trying to lure you back in), accepting anything further would be sending mixed signals. Giving Daddy false hope and leading him on are two things you don’t want to do. Think of it as a way to revisit all of the goodies you have hiding in your closet or take advantage of all the me time you’ll have!

Look ahead, not behind

“I never look back darling, it distracts from the now.”

While your Daddy was everything you needed and wanted in the past, don’t stay stuck there! Appreciate everything he did but know that you’re moving on to greener pastures. This is an exciting opportunity to really reinsure how amazing you are through some self lovin’ and also remember how fun it was finding a Sugar Daddy! Feel good about yourself and feel good about your choices. A sugar relationship is as much for you as it is for your Daddy. No matter what, you have the power to walk away. Relish in your freedom, rely on your tribe as a support system. Just know that there’s a Daddy out there just waiting to cherish you.