By | Published on Apr 27, 2017

Sex should happen because you want it to, not because you want to please someone. Regardless of the type of relationship you are in, sex should never feel forced or out of obligation. In Sugar relationships, once you’ve built a connection with your Sugar Daddy, you may or may not want to have sex with him, its totally up to you. But if you decide to do it, here are some advice you need to know before getting intimate with your Sugar Daddy :


Protection Is An Absolute Must

This should go without saying, ALWAYS USE PROTECTION. Girl, you don’t know your SD that well. You don’t know about his sexual history. You don’t want to have anything to risk. And I’m sure there are definitely people who refuse to use a condom. Always insist on using protection no matter what. If he disagrees or he doesn’t have a condom, then don’t have sex. It’s important to always insist on using protection, and if he doesn’t have a condom, then no sex. (Try carrying one or two with you for emergencies.) Every woman should prioritize sexual protection especially if you’re not exclusive with that person.

Only Do It If You Want To

This is pretty straightforward. Don’t force yourself. If you can’t even stand talking to your SD or he has some personalities that you dislike, having sex with him will be a big challenge. Make sure you actually enjoy spending time with your SD before getting intimate. Be sure of your feelings. Treat your arrangement like any other relationship. Find yourself a SD that you really like and who you enjoy spending time with, and the intimacy will come naturally.

Alter Ego In The Bedroom

I know, getting intimate with someone who’s two or three times your age could be both physically and mentally challenging. This is where the importance of ‘alter ego’ comes in. For those who have been in Sugaring for a long time, being a Sugar Baby is a cake walk. However, it could be a difficult path to walk for some people. If you feel like having sex with your SD is somewhat challenging, try putting on a different mindset before you meet him. Imagine yourself as someone else you adore and convince yourself that you’re that someone. For example, Samantha Jones from Sex And The City! She’s a fun and wild character to play. Once you’ve found the right alter ego for yourself, intimacy will eventually be a heck lot easier.

Always remember that if you’re uncomfortable for being intimate for whatever reason, then don’t do it! Its better to stay patient than to regret later. One thing should remain constant, have sex only because you want to have sex with that person.