By | Published on Sep 13, 2017

Let us guide you on the art of negotiation in Sugar Dating.


Dear Daddies,

You’re strong, influential, wealthy and experienced. That’s why we here. Cause Babies are not into dating lily-livered, executive fuckboys who still think ‘Friends with Benefits’ (FWB) actually benefit both parties. (For the record, no it doesn’t. Women feel used.)

A true FWB transaction is that of Sugar Dating.

We, as your willing and young Sugar Babies are ready to offer a listening ear to your problems, accompany you out for dinner and drinks, dress up with our hair done and make up on point, look our absolute finest and honestly, hot AF, would still want to be wooed. Seduce us with an offer. A generous one preferably.

Unless you are Dan Bilzerian. In that case, then, just take me and take me now.

Otherwise, Terms of a Sugar Relationship should be agreed by you and I before we exchange further contact details, let alone meet up.

We did not wake up looking like a million bucks. We require a million bucks allowance (ok, fair enough, we can discuss a reasonable amount) to ensure that your peers are going to be steaming with jealousy when you show up at the company’s annual dinner with me as your arm candy.

A Sugar Baby’s allowance isn’t a tired housewife’s weekly grocery stipend.

It is for grooming, facials, manicure and pedicure, the occasional Chanel or Manolo. Some of us also need an allowance for rent, education and life in general and the whole point of negotiating the Terms of our Sugar Relationship is to ensure that your role as my Daddy is fulfilled and mine as your Baby is agreed upon as well.

After all, we want to look good for you, Daddy. Don’t you want that?




Dear Babies,

We are rich. That’s why we are here, looking for Babies to pamper.

You are hot. Which is why we would be interested.

And let’s fuck. Because as full-blooded men, we do have needs and we want those needs to be fulfilled.

We understand a woman’s desire to be seduced and charmed, however, time is of essence to us. It would be most helpful if you as a Baby could be direct with what you are looking for, how much of an allowance it would require and what are you willing to offer in exchange.

We find it utmost sexy when a Baby knows her worth and take the time to doll herself for us. But as businessmen, we do like to know how hard is our money working for us and what are our ROIs.

Therefore, our sweet young Babies, be honest and be transparent.

A brazen lady gets what she wants and a coy Baby gets what she deserves. Learn to toe the fine line between the two and you may just get more than your allowance. A set of silk Agent Provocateur looks like they simply need to belong on a nubile tight body. Or an extra bonus for putting in extra effort.

Now, be a good Baby and tell Daddy what are your Terms of a Sugar Relationship. In as sweet as you possibly could so that we just cannot resist.

Yours truly,