Not attracted to my SD

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    I’m a beginner SB in a new sugar relationship. At first my close friend handled the communication between me and him, so she’d know our whereabouts every time we met (for safety reasons). However after our 3rd meet, we exchanged Line ID’s (Asian messaging app) and have been making arrangements on that. As soon as we exchanged numbers, right of the bat he is super clingy and texts me constantly. The texts would range on and off all day, bringing up random topics. He’d text me about whether or not I’ve eaten yet, what I’m doing…. It’s gotten to the point where I’m getting annoyed and I’m slowly becoming repulsed by him because of his constant neediness. He is mid 40’s who has a freelance job, and I’m a 19 university student, which leads to me to being very busy since it’s finals month right now. I’ve told him several times before while I was working that I was busy, he’d apologize and leave me for a few hours before starting the constant strings of text again. How do I get about this situation without coming across rude? I kind of want to cut it off but I’m not sure :/

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      Be blunt, say that you dislike constant texting and if that’s what he wants then maybe you guys aren’t compatible.

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      Since you’re using Line, I thought I should ask, is this SD Korean? Because constantly texting is part of the girlfriend treatment here. Not sure about other Asian countries.

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      If you are repulsed by him and no longer enjoy the arrangement, wouldn’t it be best to end it, concentrate on your studies and find a new arrangement?

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    Would you consider an SD that you weren’t attracted to? I’m brand new and ive had a bunch of men offering me a really good amount of money, and they seem pretty decent too, but I’m just not attracted to them physically and I know at some point it will come down to sex. idk i just dont think i can fake it

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    Girl being a SB is all about faking it. I don’t care if they’re attractive I care about their money lol

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    hey girls, i need some advice. what would be the right amount of time to wait before dropping a SD who isn’t fulfilling my expectations?

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      Why do you need to wait?? Just drop him!

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      Don’t wait. Move on. Get a new daddy.

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    I wont consider lah, cz these things is about feel. If at the end u guys wanted move on to another level, its more easy.
    Sorry for my broken english😂 not really good in eng

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