By | Published on Nov 30, 2017

Successful, handsome, mature and willing to give me his credit card to spend with no question asked – a dream of a man come true. Show me any young girl who wouldn’t want a Sugar Daddy who’d provide all that for her.

Here are some of the steps to take to find your very own Sugar Daddy:


Be persistent on the hunt

Finding a Sugar Daddy may be daunting sometimes, especially when you keep bumping into Salts or Splendas. You may not find the right one right away but don’t let your discouragement set in yet. The first step to finding your Sugar Daddy is your persistence in the Sugar Bowl. Be prepared to sweet talk an army of frogs before you meet one you could imagine having an arrangement with. Determine your boundaries so that you know what to offer. Are you comfortable dating married men or men over 55? If you’re not, don’t pursue this type of men and politely decline their offer as soon as they approach you.

Be who you post to be

Authenticity is key. Being true to yourself is one of the top traits that men find most attractive in a woman. Keep it real while you’re communicating with them. Many women can be easily succumbed to ‘modifying’ themselves to please the other person. Don’t go out of your way to camouflage who you really are. You will realize that you connect better when you are being your authentic self. Needless to say, misrepresenting yourself and lying will bring you nowhere in the Sugar Bowl. The lies you put out there will eventually come back and bite you in the ass.

Assume the role and follow through

Your tasks are simple. Be fun, happy, sexy and mysterious!

These Sugar Daddies are mostly businessmen. They’re good at making money and spending them. He is probably not good at being in a relationship. Some Daddies search for companionship, some want friendship. It’s important that both parties understand what the other hopes for and each others limits in public and in private. Always bear in mind that you are his Sugar Baby, not his girlfriend. As a Sugar Baby, play your part and just enjoy the experience. Plan your schedule. How often does he get to see you? Avoid seeing him everyday and limit yourself to two or three dates a week. Keep yourself busy. Key: Your unavailability keeps him interested.

Lock and loaded

Now that you have secured your Sugar Daddy, demand for what you deserve. Ask him to sign you up for gym and spa packages so that you can look your best for him. Pamper yourself on his expenses. Occasionally sextext him and casually insert a link to those Louboutins that you’re dying to have(for e.g. I’ll be wearing only these…). Sure, you enjoy a little retail therapy now and then but why not get yourself something a whole lot better? Aim to get your name engraved on his credit card and swipe, swipe away!

Having a Sugar Daddy means more fantastic meals, exotic vacations, shopping allowance and rent money. Though it may or may not be temporary, its always and adventure.

And as Ernest Hemingway once said, “It is the journey that matters, in the end.”