By | Published on Jan 18, 2018

We’re almost an entire month into 2018, and hopefully you’ve all stuck with your New Year’s resolutions…or at least try to anyway. All the ‘New Year New Me’ posts flooding your social media may sound quite cheesy, but don’t you think this could just be the year we start focusing on bettering ourselves?

This could be the perfect time to reassess your Sugar Relationships and start the year fresh. Frame your own approach to Sugar Dating—one that keeps you happy, sane, and true to yourself—the perfect foundation for a Sugar Relationship.

Here’s what you need to know to find the right arrangement in 2018:


Learn to love being single

Before getting into Sugar Dating, you need to learn how to enjoy being single. Being single can be a precious time you use to learn about yourself and love yourself. Evaluate your emotions and avoid the mistakes you’ve made in 2017. Were you in a one-sided arrangement? One of the common mistakes that we always make is wasting our time on someone who isn’t worth the effort. If you can embrace single life, you won’t find yourself jumping into bad relationships. Would you rather be single, or trapped in an uncomfortable arrangement with someone else?

Stop being so darn agreeable

Stop saying yes. Don’t get too caught up in trying to please someone and forget to consider what you really want when it comes to an arrangement. While it’s easier to nod and agree, save yourself some time and energy by expressing your real thoughts from the beginning. If you take the risk to speak your mind and he isn’t into it, it’s a sign that it wouldn’t have worked out in the end anyway.

Know your deal-breakers

We all have our own set of deal-breakers when it comes to an arrangement and we are entitled to it. Be it long term or short term, if we can’t put up with it, there’s no point even trying. It could anything from whether or not the arrangement is exclusive, how you deal with money, needing complete honesty —anything that’s important to you. Independent women like us probably have more deal-breakers because we just have no interest in settling for ‘good enough’.

What REALLY matters?

Sure, attraction and financial stability are important ­—but think about the other characteristics that really matter too. You need to look at the person’s personality. He may be rich, but does he care for you? For example, do you magically have food delivered to you whenever you’re hungry? Sometimes, it’s the small things that matter. Look for someone who genuinely wants to treat you well, makes you laugh, who thinks about your needs and is always willing to compromise — these are the things that will make an arrangement great.