By | Published on Mar 18, 2017


Sugar and Salt look nearly identical, so how do you weed out the salt from a grain of sugar? What we don’t want is your time wasted on these Salt Baes. When you’re wading through potential Sugar Daddies, here are a few things you need to keep an eye on to make sure things don’t get downright salty at the end of the date!



Where is he bringing you? Does it look like a place wealthy men would always go? Is it perhaps well known or famous? Or are meetings set up and canceled at the last minute? If he cancels on you two or three times in a row, a meeting was never in the cards.

When you get there

This shouldn’t have to be told but he should pay for everything. Observe his reaction as you order. Is he cringing when you order something expensive? Is he telling you that you can get anything you want? Is he rushing the meal or is he taking his time, making sure you’re enjoying the meal? A good way to find out if you could potentially be dealing with a Salt Daddy is to scrutinize his reactions or responses to your requests.

Form of payment

When he gets the bills(of course he’s paying!) try to slyly check out what kind of credit card he’s paying with, a platinum or a black card? Seeing a well regarded card, like a Platinum Amex, is a sign good enough to know that he’s not salty.


Salt Baes, don’t even get me started, but they have the tendency to avoid discussing allowances and arrangements. The moment you mention allowance— you’re in for a new level of awkward! They’d bring up more intimate aspects of the relationship too early in the conversation. Genuine sugar daddies on the other hand are always very open and comfortable when in comes to discussing allowances and they’re not afraid to let you know what they want out of an arrangement.

At the end of the date

It’s easy for anyone to talk the talk but does he walk the walk? Giving cash as a gift isn’t always necessary since you’ve already made and agreement on a several thousand dollar allowance. The most important thing is to make sure that he always compensates you for any travel expenses(cab fare, flight tickets etc.).


This is the most important piece of advice that you need to put into action; if you have a weird feeling about a potential sugar daddy, follow your gut. Your gut is like a compass, it will always guide you to the best path and deter you from the bad. Avoid these Salt Daddies at all costs — there is nothing truly sweet about them!