By | Published on May 23, 2017

You’re about to go on a first date with a POT you just met. You’re going through all the possibilities in your head—from fantasizing about the best possible ‘what if’ scenarios to dreading the horrific possibility of sitting across the table from a stranger all night. Its normal to be nervous. This shows that you care about yourself, the person and the outcome.

Breathe. Allow us to put your pre-date nerves at ease by reminding yourself of these 5 important things :


Do Your Homework

Gather as much information on your POT as you can. Review his TheSugarBook bio so that you know a little something about him. According to his bio, do some research on his interests so that there’ll be something you can talk to him about. Prepare a couple of questions you can ask him related to his interests. Study his photos on his profile. Is he on a golf course, chilling on his yatch or driving an exotic car?

Tip: re-read the messages you’ve sent to each other so that its still fresh in your memory(to avoid getting confused of your conversations with other POTS).

Have One Pre-date Drink

And by one, I mean one single measure/glass. Not the entire bottle. I find this a great preparation tactic. It helps you to loosen up. Don’t pre-drink at home. Show up earlier and use that opportunity to enjoy your booze before your POT shows up.

Try Not To Impress

By this I mean, be yourself. If you think you need to look perfect, you may lose focus and be overly self-conscious about your appearance. Same goes to how you talk. If you try too hard to say the perfect thing just to impress your POT, you’ll probably come across as unnatural. All these will only lead you to behave in more imperfect ways. Perfection, is indeed impossible. And striving for perfection only increases your anxiety. 

Relax, you can’t control everything

Show up with your game face on. Look the part and play the part. Knowing what you’re going to wear will help ease your anxiety. It will keep you from scrambling last minute and stressing out. Remember that there will always be factors that you can’t control—from the unforeseen awkward conversation to if your POT will think your jokes are funny. Since you can only prepare so much, leave the rest up to the universe.

Always remember that you’re worth it! Even if the date doesn’t end up in an arrangement, there was something about you that got you to this point. Good luck ladies!