By | Published on Oct 21, 2017

I’ve been secretly seeing Mr D, a businessman from LA, for months now. He’s married with 2 kids and he only comes to New York for about once a month for ‘business purposes’. Each time he visits, I would accompany him to his company dinners, events and night outs in the city.

I could still clearly remember the day we met in the city.

My train pulled up into Times Square and I was about to meet my girlfriends for dinner. I stepped out of the train in my dainty dress and a tall stranger knocked into me. I looked up and caught myself a good view of an admirable, good looking 40-something year old business executive. He was dressed in a black designer suit paired with a pair of shiny dress shoes.

What caught my attention was his shiny Rolex as it glistened on his wrist. ‘I’m so sorry’, he said in a deep, confident voice. I only managed to take one glance of him before I casually walked away.

To my surprise, I felt a tap on my shoulder. ‘Can I buy you a drink? As an apology?’, he asked. His voice has strong authority, little raspy and sexy as hell.

‘I­­–um–sure,’ I stuttered. Frozen.

Looks like my girlfriends have to do dinner without me, I thought to myself. We then walked and chatted up a little as we looked for a decent bar for drinks. His eyes followed me and the way he gazed at my body was nothing short of lustful, or at least that’s what I felt.

‘So what’s a beautiful girl like you doing alone in this big city?’ he asked.

Of course, I didn’t want him to know that I bailed on my girlfriends because of him.

‘I enjoy doing things alone’, I lied. And it was not the best lie ever.

‘Well, looks like you have company now’’, a smirk formed on his face as he grabbed my waist like it belonged there.

We walked to the closest bar and ordered 2 Scotch on the rocks.

‘Smart choice.’ I said.

He lifted his glass to me across the table. ‘Bottoms up.’

‘So, what’s your name?’ he asked as he tilted his glass and the ice cubes slid around.


The drinks kept coming and we talked like we’ve known each other for ages. He filled me in with details why he was in the city and what businesses he were dealing with. Just the way he spoke of himself left my knees weak. I couldn’t stop admiring his well preserved face, his strong jawline and his rough stubble.

I knew I was going to make some really bad decisions after I down a few more glasses.

‘I cant drink anymore,’ I mumbled to him.

‘One more, for me’ he pushed the glass to me.

I moved on to my 5th drink and I had felt the effects of the alcohol. By then, we both had a mutual understanding of what was going to happen right after. We got out of the bar and a sleep limo pulled up right in front of us.

‘Here’s our ride.’

‘Where are we going?’ I asked the obvious.

He gave me a slow and tender kiss on the lips and whispered, ‘We’re going home’. He placed his hand on my thigh and started kissing my neck romantically.

Before any more moves could be made, the limo came to a stop. The driver opened the door and we were at Four Seasons Hotel.

We checked in and without much talking, he led me into the bedroom and undressed me. My dress fell on the ground and I was left only in my lingerie.

His hands slid down my chest and groped my breast as I moaned quietly. I felt fire spreading throughout my body and accompanied by goosebumps swarming on my skin. He pulled his body against mine and I could feel the hardnest of his cock on my lower back.

A boost of adrenaline surged through me and I daringly turned to him. My hands were guided to his belt and I knew exactly what I was going to do. I pulled down his pants to reveal his tight white boxers.

He threw me on the bed and pushed my legs apart with his legs.

‘You’re mine,’ he whispered.

I felt heat down there and I was dripping wet. He leaned down and kissed my inner thighs on both sides. I reached my hand down and began to rub my swollen clit. He was staring at me intently as his stroked his cock.

Before I could say anything, he slipped his rock hard cock into my vagina and started thrusting his hips towards mine. I could feel every inch of his cock deep inside me.

‘Oh yes Daddy,’ I moaned as my pussy continued to wrap tightly around his cock. The orgasm had taken my entire body and I could feel my fingers and toes throb.

Juices were flowing from my vagina and we were wet and slimy down there. He thrusted me hard and I let out a loud yell.

With that, he came all over my body.

He walked over popped and popped open the champagne . ‘To us’, he toasted.

We dried off and he handed me an envelope.

‘Your allowance,’ he grinned.