By | Published on Jan 13, 2018

I had just turned 38 years old, which for many people out there, is the cliché definition of what they call a mid-life crisis. My ex-husband of 11 years and I had finally settled our divorce right about 3 months ago and I’ve never felt more relieved to do so. I can’t deny that he was an intelligent yet caring man who would take a bullet for me anytime, but the chemistry was long gone. Getting intimate felt more like a routine than really having a good time. I am now a free woman, so to speak. I’ve been locked down with the same man for 11 years and I am not ready for another relationship in the conventional sense.

My best friend, Carolyn, instantly came to aid. She is the most independent woman I’ve ever met. She never wanted to get married or have kids. She is basically a ‘free spirit’. She enjoys dating guys half her age because she claims that men her age has vapid personality. She whipped out her Iphone8 and introduced TheSugarBook app to me, which is a Sugar Dating platform. But in my head I was thinking ‘Me? Dating younger guys? No. Way.’ But at the end of the day, she successfully talked me into it.

I decided to register for an account and selected to be a ‘Sugar Mommy’ upon registration. That’s a first. I put up 2 photos of me, which I thought were fairly attractive and set my search criteria to men between the ages of 25 and 35. Once my profile was set and done, my fingers started scrolling through the member’s page and I was hooked. Damn, these young blood are getting hotter and hotter these days.

30 minutes into the app, guys started messaging me­— many of them. As I was screening through their profiles, most of them approached me with cliché pickup lines and hellos. It was overwhelming and I didn’t quite know how to respong to them. The one message that caught my eye was from this 24 year old guy named Ron:

And that was how it all started. Never in my life have I thought of dating younger men until I met Jon, a charming and youthful lifestyle blogger. After exchanging messages on the app for a week, we finally decided to go out on a date. I was terrified, excited and nervous at the same time. I felt like I was 18 again. He was gorgeous, fresh out of college and has a body like a Greek god. I could just stare at his body all day long.

The first date went on pretty well and we went out even more. It felt weird initially, because people would stare at us and start whispering to each other. However, Ron was never ashamed of holding my hand and walking with me in the public. I really enjoy my time with Jon because he keeps me young and lively. He’s sweet, attentive and adores me. All these feel so new to me because my ex-husband hadn’t paid attention to me after 4 years into our marriage.

Eventhough my sex drive isn’t like how it used to be when I was in my early 20s, but boy, oh boy, the sex is fantastic. With his stamina and my experience, we make a terrific team in bed. What really turns me on is that he is very eager to please me and be submissive to me. If I want to lie back and relax, he will do all the work and treats me like a goddess.

I often ask him, why would he date me, someone who’s almost as old as his senior aunt instead of girls his age? He said girls his age were hard to please, they get mad over the silliest things and he just could not be bothered to put up with their frivolous attitude. And they definitely could not afford to buy nice things for him like I could and take him to fancy restaurants for dinner.

After dating Ron for a couple of months, we decided it was time to end it because he wants to go back to travelling and I wanted more new adventures. The experience of dating Ron has changed me as a person. I became more open to things and since then, I went out on more dates with younger guys. I believe that each arrangement teaches me a new thing or two. And the sex just gets better and better 😉