By | Published on Apr 05, 2017

There is nothing to be ashamed of to be a Sugar Baby. You’re nothing but a goal-oriented woman who is clear of what she wants and blazes a trail to get there. People of the 21st century are getting more blatant and open-minded. There’s no reason to feel afraid coming out as a Sugar Baby. So if you’re tired of keeping this double life a secret and you’re ready to flaunt your Sugar, here are some important tips and advice you need to keep in mind :  

You Lose Some, You Gain Some

Its not easy telling your friends and family about your sugar lifestyle. There is always going to be someone who disagrees of it and that is OK. Always expect the worse. You cannot force anyone into accepting your lifestyle but the best you could do is to prove to them that there is actually nothing wrong with sugaring. It’s best to be tactful when coming out as a Sugar Baby to your friends and loved ones. There are a lot of unfortunate misconceptions. Coming out about your Sugar lifestyle means you could lose a friend, but the ones who remain are your true Sugar support.

Prepare for Backlashes

Unfortunately, not everyone is as open and accepting of the Sugar Dating Lifestyle. Some of your friends may be excited for you and asking you where they can sign up and some may be judging you from the moment they hear the words ‘sugar baby’. Above all, be ready to be bombarded with all sorts of questions. What the hell are you doing with a man twice your age?! Don’t you have any self worth? You should be ashamed of yourself.  And that is what you have to deal with. Bear in mind that saying more is less. So keep the nitty gritty details to yourself and just get your main point across without sounding offended. You don’t have to stick around and get disparaged by people for living a life they simply don’t understand.

Try To Make Them Understand

The people that you’re coming out to might have zero idea about the Sugar Dating Lifestyle. This will be a good chance for you to explain to them briefly about how sugaring works and you’re happy with your own choice of lifestyle. Show them that you’re content with how you’re living now and that you can manage it properly. Family and friends who truly care are those who are concerned about your safety and happiness. Give them a peace of mind with reassurance by letting know how you stay safe and inform them whenever you go on dates. We do not need to look for validation in others to ensure we’re making the right decisions. Let’s face it, whatever lifestyle you choose, there’s bound to be a community of like-minded people. You are in control of your own life. Never let anyone come between you and the choice of your lifestyle.