By | Published on Dec 17, 2017

Christmas is around the corner and its time for gifting! I’m pretty sure your Sugar Daddy has been the one buying you gifts all year long. Christmas will be the best opportunity for you to show him your appreciation and sprinkle some Sugar back at him!

So, what can you REALLY buy for a man who has it all? Your Sugar Daddy has probably snagged every latest cool gadget or car that came out. We know finding a gift for a man who already owns everything he could ever want can be challenging, but its not impossible. When they say, it’s the thought that matters, it really is. The trick is to giving him a gift that makes him feel like a million bucks but really only costs you less than $20, is the meaning behind it.

You don’t need money to give great gifts. Instead, give the gift with your time and effort with one of these thoughtful gifts!


Cook his favorite childhood dish

Surprise him with a favorite home cooked meal from his childhood. A little personal touch will go a long way especially when it’s time to ask for that new Balenciaga that you’ve been eyeing on. As the proverb goes, ‘’A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. No man can deny a delicious, hearty, home-cooked meal, especially a rich and successful Sugar Daddy who’s so familiar with Michelin restaurants and fine dining.

A Book

Get him a gift that’s reflective of something topical that you’ve discussed. He brought up an interest in classical music? Get him a vintage vinyl of one of his favorite artists. He’s a wine aficionado? Get him the ‘Essential Guide To Wine’ and the both of you will have fun flipping through the pages while tasting some expensive, fine wine. Soon enough, you will become a self-proclaimed wine expert.

A Necktie Saver

Packing neckties without wrinkling them is a challenge. If your Sugar Daddy is a person who has to travel with ties, this will be the perfect gift for him. This cylinder shaped tie storage box is designed to make every man’s life easier(seriously). This smart little case will keep his ties free of crimps and wrinkles even on long trips. No longer will he need to gingerly try and arrange his ties in the bag to avoid getting all wrinkled later. Throw in a nice skinny tie and tell him it’s the only thing you are going to wear on Christmas night 😉

Sex favours

If you think buying gifts is exhausting, why not give your Daddy a ‘special’ Christmas treat then? You must be prepared one week before Christmas. Find out what fantasies or positions he has been wanting to try. Take down some serious mental notes and make him sex cards­­— at least 30 of them. Each sex card should have a sex favor on it and he gets to pick 5 to use on that night and the rest everyday after that. This mind-blowing gift will definitely make his Christmas the best one yet! Don’t forget to prepare some explosive underwear, preferably with a lubricant or sex toy. Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate! Something tells me that it’s going to be a long night 😉