By | Published on Apr 10, 2017

When it comes to Sugar Babies, there are so many ill-informed misconceptions people are making around this controversial term. Most people don’t understand what being a Sugar Baby entails because of all the negative exposure from the media. Here are some of the most common sugar baby myths that are never true :


Myth no. 1: Sugar Babies Are Glorified Escorts

Being labeled as a high class escort is the probably the number one misconception associated to sugar babies. What makes a sugar baby different from an escort? Escorts get paid for one night of fun between the sheets. Whereas a sugar baby only agrees to an arrangement after a connection has been built upon, a lot like normal courting. Think about it; any men who can be a sugar daddy can afford to pay for escorts. But instead, they choose to put in time and effort into sugar babies because they’re interested in so much more than just sex. They want to have a young and beautiful woman to pamper and communicate with- someone who can hold real onversations and spend time with so that they can forget about all the stress in the real world. Just because there’s money involved, doesn’t mean its prostitution.

Myth no. 2: Sugar Babies Must Be Drop-Dead-Gorgeous

Well, if you aim to be a Hollywood star, you ought to be. But sugar babies come in all shapes and sizes. You do not have to look a certain way to get a little sugar. No specific look garnishes more success either. It doesn’t matter if you’re an XXS or XL, its all about how you portray and market yourself.

Myth no. 3: Sugar Babies Are Dumb Blondes

People often make incredible assumptions about people based on looks. The common perception of Sugar babies is beauty without brains. In simpler terms, sugar babies are dumb blondes. Just because we put effort into looking good and presentable doesn’t mean we are airheads who are nothing more than just men’s arm candies. We can hold intelligent conversations and be well-mannered in a 5-star restaurant. Just because we wear designer labels doesn’t mean that’s all we talk about, mind you.

Myth no. 4: Sugaring Is All About Sex

People always see sex as the bigger part of the picture. They often assume that sugar babies are obligated to have sex with their sugar daddies for their money. But sex between a sugar baby and sugar daddy isn’t guaranteed. Sugaring is not just about exchanging your body in lieu of money; it’s so much more than that. Sex may or may not play a major role in a relationship but it is never part of the agreement in a sugar relationship. It could happen but slowly and gradually when both the sugar baby and sugar daddy develop chemistry between them and are attracted to each other. I mean, who doesn’t want to have sex with someone they like

While the others choose believe what the media wants them to believe, you should just live your Sugar lifestyle with confidence and prove to them that what the media portrays is far from the truth!