By | Published on Sep 15, 2017

Life is too short to have bad sex. We all never stop craving for more excitement in bed. Today could be the day you decide to do-it with your Sugar Daddy and of course, you don’t want it to be just another regular lovemaking routine. You want it to be raunchy, fun, nasty and everything in between. Well the key to a happy, fulfilling sex life is constantly spicing things up and making your own set of ‘Sex Rules’.

Here are some tips and tricks to turn up the heat in the bedroom, taking your sex life from meh to amaaaazing:


Fantasy Takes You A Long Way

Engage in role-playing to make your sex even hotter! All role-playing starts with sharing your most erotic fantasy and there’s so much more to sexual role-play than merely dressing up. It’s a fun and great way for partners to explore their deepest fantasy and our imagination has the ability to take us to places that are otherwise unrealistic. Playing-Doctor is my all time favourite! Daddy would be the Doctor and I would be his very, very sick patient and have him perform a full body check up on me. I will be dressed in nothing underneath a see through patient’s gown… but that’s pure preference 😉

Fit In A Quickie

Your Daddy may be a very busy man and doesn’t have time to spare for some good sexy time. But its okay, having great sex doesn’t have to take all night. Host a quickie instead! Slip in a little kinky invitation note into your Daddy’s coat saying ‘’Your presence is needed in my living room from 10.25pm to 10.33pm. Please undress and get on the couch once you’ve arrived x’’. To set the mood, you can also send him kinky texts and spike his arousal before the session. I suggest sending him something like, ‘’I’m in a loose, flowy dress waiting for you to charge me from the back. Don’t be late.’’

Bring In A Special Guest

No, I’m not talking about a threesome… or an orgy. I’m talking about props. The more sex toys, the better. There are only so many different sex toy designs available on the market these days. There’s a toy in every shape, size and colour for every fetish and desire. Think about vibrating rings, battery operated ‘massagers’, strap ons and the list goes on. Suggest your Daddy to experiment the toys on your body as his playground. Let your moans and screams do the talking.

Naked Sundays

You and your Daddy both have to clear your schedule, stock up on your favourite food, rent some good movies and spend the entire day at home. Just spend some relaxing time with each. The only rule is: No clothes are allowed. You have to do everything naked. Cook and eat naked. Naked movie marathon. You get the idea. It pretty much guarantee you’ll bang at least 3 times.

p/s: Make sure you smell good.

Plan A Sexcation

Staycations require very specific planning, same goes to sexcations. Book a 5-star posh hotel or a villa for a weekend of romance, intimacy and.. amazing sex. Pack your sexiest lingerie and favourite sex toys, because, why not?! You and your Daddy would probably be spending most of your time in bed, genitals on genitals and surrounded by condom wrappers everywhere. Think of sipping Champagne or eating Insta-worthy food in between rounds winks Are you up for a vacation devoted entirely to sex?