By | Published on Mar 06, 2017

Getting a bit of a shopping spree from your sugar daddy is great but a trip to a far off locale is even more wonderful. It’s better to spend money on experiences rather than material things. So how do you go about hinting your sugar daddy for a trip to a holiday destination?

Most young people now prefer travelling to any other material things. Why? That’s because travelling opens up vistas like never before. There’s nothing better than the holidays when we can finally break away from our normal, boring schedule and head off on an amazing trip! You get to see the world and make some great memories too. Travelling on your own money can be a distant dream but not so for sugar babies.

The following tips could help you wheedle a nice holiday from your sugar daddy without making you look too eager :

Bring it up casually during conversations

Often there are times when you feel there’s a lull in the conversation and the both of you become quiet. This would be a great time to ask him about the places he’s been to. Perhaps also inquire if he has any destination place on his bucket list which he can’t wait to explore. Everyone loves talking about their experiences and so would a sugar daddy. Now that you have planted a seed of the travel bug in his mind, he is bound to think of you the next time he plans for a vacation.

Drop subtle hints

There are plenty of great travel deals on the internet these days. Before you start telling him that you want to go on a vacation, try dropping him hints like picking some vacation movies and get your sugar daddy watching it with you. You can also show him some articles about travelling to Dubai, Singapore or whichever place that is on your mind. If your Daddy is smart enough, he will definitely get the hint.

Ask about his day off

Your sugar daddy is most definitely a busy man. Perhaps he might not be able to take frequent breaks but there are a few times during the year where he could steal a week or two away from work. Let him know how you would love to go somewhere with him when he has his days off. Let him know that you want to spend time just with him alone with loads of romantic moments, at somewhere far far away from the city lights. 

Mention that you love travelling

Sometimes men just don’t get the hint and there is an end to subtlety. So instead of smoldering inside and cursing your sugar daddy, just be upfront about your desire to travel the world. He would appreciate your honesty. In fact you can even lay out in your terms and conditions if you feel that travelling is really on the top of your list.

Last but not the least if you are successful in getting daddy to go on a trip, make sure you travel safe. Let in at least one of your girlfriends in on your secret, this way they would have an idea of your whereabouts.