By | Published on Mar 09, 2017

It takes time and effort to secure a sugar daddy. How can you get the attention that you want from the sugar daddy you’ve been eyeing on? It all starts with a simple conversation. Your sugar journey begins when you’re ready to take the first step to appeal to him. All you need to do is direct your carefully strategized message to your POT that will make you really stand out. Here are some tips on talking to your POT online :


  1. Know your target

With such great numbers entering this lifestyle at TheSugarBook, the selection of sugar daddies has increased dramatically. Hence, there are more Sugar Daddies to choose from than ever before. Weeding through so many profiles can be time consuming, so the first thing you need to do is to make a decision on the type of men you want to be in an arrangement with. Once you know your target, it’s easier to approach them and this will save you a lot of time!

  1. Study their profile

Before approaching any man, the one thing you need to do is to carefully read his profile and make sure he’s the type you’d be interested in. Get a gist of what his ideal type is and ensure that you somewhat fit the description of what he’s looking for. It will be useful when you start a conversation with him as you will need a perfect conversation opener. Keep in mind though that spamming is never a good idea. Carefully send him a detailed message and wait for his reply. You want to catch his attention but you definitely do not want to seem desperate.

  1. Say things that are cliché

Since you’ve already studied his profile, pretend like you already know him. Initiate the conversation with a simple compliment like, “Wow you can really pull off that red scarf in your profile picture! You look much younger than your actual age!’’. Or if his profile says he likes golfing, drop him subtle hints to show that you’re interested in things he enjoys – tell him that you really want to learn how to play golf. This will show him that you actually take time in getting to know him through his profile before approaching him and you’ll earn yourself some points. Do some research and show him that you could be his ideal sugar baby.

  1. Maintaining interest

You want to keep the conversation going and interesting. Whether you’re texting or talking to him on the site, you want to keep him wanting more. But of course, there’ll always be a lull in the conversation after the heat of the moment. When you start to feel the silence, let him know that you’ll talk to him the next day and say something kinky like ‘’Wish you were here then we can do some other things instead’’. Give him something to think about and look forward to until the next time he talks to you. Attention is a drug, and this is how you get him addicted.

  1. Show that you care

Keep your message short and sweet. That should be every sugar baby’s guideline. The message does not have to be a Mockingbird’s novel. You don’t have to reveal too much about yourself, just feed him with some basic information whenever you’re exchanging messages. He should be more eager in getting to know you – that’s how you keep things interesting. Write messages and ask about his daily life, it shows that you truly care.

  1. Trust your instincts

Every minute counts, hence, don’t waste your time. Most of the experienced sugar daddies know how to talk their way through the conversation. If the things he says start to turn you off in any way, don’t waste your time pursuing it. If he mentions anything about meeting without paying you first or saying inappropriate things (for e.g. asking for nudes or anything sexual), stop talking to him instantly. You should know that he’s up to no good. This is something you’ll learn with experience.