By | Published on Jan 22, 2018

Online dating might a great way to meet more people but it also comes with the risk for some downright unpleasant situations. So before you think of signing up for TheSugarBook, be sure to make your own safety a priority while Sugaring online.

You will never know who are the people that you’re going to meet. Online dating comes with potential risks of meeting stalkers, liars and downright obnoxious who are out for all sorts of negative intentions. It’s a lot easier to hide behind a computer screen and do all sorts of gnarly things.

However, there is no reason to be scared of online dating. At TheSugarBook, we want our users to practice personal safety. We want you to look out for yourself before meeting anyone you barely know out of our platform. Here are a few good things to start with:


Don’t reveal everything at once

We should never give too much information to a stranger— that’s a given. After all, that good looking CEO you are talking to may not actually be who he claims to be. That is precisely why you should never reveal your contact information, full address or even your last name before you really get to know someone. It is best to use a nickname with no relevance to your real name during initial conversations and if you think that you can trust him enough after several dates, its up to you to provide a more detail personal information about yourself. To keep it short, practice discretion.

Don’t let your date drive you home

You either take an Uber or drive yourself to and from the date. We know you already know this, but letting your POT pick you up from your home for the first date is a terrible idea. You do not want someone you literally just met to know where you live nor would you want to be stuck in the car with a complete stranger! Not the most favorable situation, is it? You may think that picking you up should be a gentleman’s act but when it comes to online dating, its always ideal to take safety precautions and save the romantic joint car rides for future dates. So if your date offers to send you home, politely decline. Its always better to be safe than sorry and online dating has no exception to this rule.

Handpick the photos you display

You have to be choosy when with the photos you use because your profile photos can reveal a lot more than you realize. Its not the best idea to upload your Facebook or Instagram photos on your profile. With the tech savvy generation that we’re in today, anyone can easily drop your photos into Google Image Search and find out a truckload of personal information about you. Avoid linking any information from your social media to your TSB profile. Make sure the selfies you upload can’t be found anywhere else on the internet. Its best you take a separate set of fresh images and only use them for TSB.

Meet up in a public place

So you’re weeks into chatting, you’ve been talking on the phone and everything seems legit(keyword is seems). Here comes the day you go out on a date and meet in person. If you want to date safely, its imperative that all of your dates happen in a coffee house or a restaurant that has potential for larger crowds. This should provide enough witnesses should the date turn sour.

Go easy on the booze

Sorry for the buzzkill but most of us know that its much more difficult to stay aware of our surroundings and often make bad decisions when we’re inebriated. That being said, try not to involve alcohol on the first date. You can have fun during the date but try not to drink 5 beers in 3 hours and just stick to one nerve-settling glass of wine. The last thing you want to ask yourself in the morning is ‘Why did I do that?’

Tell someone close specific details of your date

Telling a trusted friend or Sugar Sister about your upcoming date is a good idea. If you want to be more safe, give them a full report of your plans. Before you meet your date, provide your friend with the address of the meeting spot, screenshots of your date’s profile(I believe she will run her own cyberstalking) and always keep her updated during the date. This way, if things were to go down, at least there’s someone who knows when or where to look for you. Knowing that you have friends that will back you up will help you have fun and relax than you initially would.