By | Published on Feb 14, 2018

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the last thing you want to do is to get stuck with Netlfix and takeout, ALONE. Whether you are single, in an arrangement or somewhere in between, there are more unique ways of celebrating it aside from going going a fancy dinner and buying each other chocolates. Here are 10 unconventional things to do to ensure that you have a cliché-free Valentines Day:

Do touristy things in your own town

How often do you do touristy things in your own city? Close to never. Other than recommending tourist spots to your own friends and family, have you ever taken the time to wander and explore around your own city? What’s a better day to go exploring other than Valentine’s day, especially with your special someone? Pick a random part town with zero plans.. and just explore! Go to an observatory or visit an art museum. Be tourists for a day! Who knows you might find your new favourite coffee shop, breakfast joint or speakeasy bar along the way.

Go sex toy shopping

When it comes to choosing the best sex toys for you and your partner, picking them out together is half the fun. Rather than sticking with the ones you already have take the excitement by visiting sex toy shops together. Choose the ones that you like, he pays for it and the pleasure is yours. Sounds like a great deal? Using a sex toy that you’ve picked out together adds a touch of romance and intimacy to it.

Watch a burlesque show

Before things get down and dirty at home, spend the night flirting with the art of tease! Burlesque shows are erotic, classy and skillfully done. Cuddle up in your dimly lit booth as you’re teased and turned on by the art of seduction. The both of you are sure to benefit from the rousing atmosphere. Burlesque shows encourage the audience to feel sexy and and be in the mood for sex. After watching the show, you might get some inspirations and surprise your partner with a little strip tease at home. This goes without saying.. we can’t guarantee where the night may lead 😉

Enjoy a steamy couple’s massage

Skip the flowers, chocolates and mushy cards. Sit back and enjoy a day of relaxation at a luxe spa where couple treatments can be booked in a private suite, complete with flowers and champagne. Indulge yourselves in a hot tub with soothing scented candles, relaxing music and just enjoy each other’s presence. In this moment of privacy, you and your partner both can clear your mind and release any tension while breathing in the aromatherapy oil. Many couples find indulging in a massage together to be a form of foreplay, so, by the end of the treatment, many couples will be in the mood for.. more.

A romantic picnic for 2

Take your relationship to new heights. Ditch the yearly routine of uberfancy candle-lit dinner at some overpriced restaurant and try something new this year: a Valentine picnic. Pick your own romantic spot, preferably a location with a sunset viewing spot by the beach or a little alcove off a nature trail. Once the location is set, its time to pack your Valentine’s picnic basket! Thow down a big comfy mat, play a classic romantic movie(we suggest Sleepless In Seattle) and serve a special picnic menu, loaded with lots of champagne for some extra fun. This is definitely better than any $200 dinner at some overhyped place.