By | Published on Aug 18, 2017

It was in the American Pie film where Stifler’s mom was called a MILF that the terminology ‘Mothers I would Like to Fuck’ first came about, and over the years, older attractive women have been called many more things such as Cougars, mature ladies and most recently, Sugar Mommas.

While Sugar Daddies have always been in the limelight, let’s talk about the 5 types of Sugar Mommas out there:

  1. The Super Rich Due to Divorce

Wendi Deng and Bertold Zahoran

The most common Sugar Momma, a retired Sugar Baby who married a really wealthy man when she was young and benefitted from a ludicrous settlement. The latest potential Sugar Momma is the soon-to-be ex-wife of Roman Abramovich, Dasha Zuchova who is rumored to receive £360 million.

With probably 5-generations sufficiently financially taken care of, these Sugar Mommas are usually generous with their spending, have plenty of time to go on fancy vacations and can be quite demanding (both sexually and personally).

You would need to be an energetic young man with a toned body and packing (if you know what I mean), as they have many choices available for them so why pick you otherwise.


  1. The Party Animal Sugar Momma

Madonna and Jesus Luz

Most likely married young and had kids then missed out on having fun in their twenties. Now that they are older and their children are all grown, these Party Animal Sugar Mommas are all about popping the Cristals even on week nights and getting invited to the most happening parties in town.

Be prepared to be displayed to all her equally ‘desperate housewives’ type friends and a lot of groping and PDA.


  1. The Take Charge Sugar Momma

Sam Taylor-Johnson and Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Usually very successful in her own right with bucket loads of confidence and are unlike all other girls your age. She doesn’t nitpick on your dressing or complain about your dirty nails. In fact, she just goes out and fill your closet with Valentino tailored suits and book you in for manis and pedis.

She assumes the role of the nurturer without the nagging and you secretly love it.


  1. The Fantasy Sugar Momma

John Mayer and Jennifer Anniston

She was your MILF. When you were a teenager, she’s exactly the type of older woman in your dreams. She could be brunette, blonde or even with rainbow colored hair, she just is able to make you hard through sheer thought.

You’d worship her until you are able to get her in bed. And then there are only 2 outcomes; either you fall deeply and hopelessly in love or you’ve finally managed to fulfill your fantasy and you carry on with your life.


  1. The Breadwinner Sugar Momma

Deborra-Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman

You would most likely meet her at your workplace. She’d be your superior and order you around. You may initially resent her controlling behavior until you get to know her better and you realize she’s actually pretty cool. And smart. And funny. And before you know it, you’re in her (literally).

There will be a struggle of authority in this type of dynamics but as time goes by, it would either be worth it to continue or to best, let go.