By | Published on Apr 08, 2017

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5 Things Not To Say To A Sugar Daddy

Apr 08, 2017 Chloe


You’ve just landed yourself the perfect Sugar Daddy and you’re about to discuss the terms of the arrangement with him. How do you begin? We understand that first dates and conversations with your Sugar Daddy can be crucial especially when it comes to securing the relationship. Here are 5 things you should never say to a Sugar Daddy :


Joke About Being Broke

We know you’re broke, he knows you’re broke, everybody knows you’re broke. Or else what was the point of the arrangement in the first place? So you don’t even need to mention about being broke! Getting into the right arrangement means you will be getting some financial support. Just casually tell him what your current financial status is but don’t be an ongoing sob story. You don’t want to come off as desperate, even if you sort of are. You don’t want to give him the impression that he’s only an ATM machine to you(eventhough he probably is).


Getting Your Nose In His Business

Before he tells you anything personal, don’t drill him with questions. He’s already had a stressful day at work/at home, he probably wants a break from monotonous questioning. Unless he offers to tell you things about himself, then asking a few questions is fine. Just listen intently after that. Keep the conversation casual, not like an interrogation.


Millennial Lingo

OMG, you’re taking me to The Hamptons?! Like, I literally can’t even. TBH you’re such a bae.

Honey, you’re not talking to your BFF over here. You’re talking to your Sugar Daddy who’s at least 10 years older than you. Your millennial lingo probably doesn’t make any sense to them. Keep your nitty gritty details of your social life to a bare minimum. Eliminate the chances of him thinking that you both have nothing in common, or you’re not mature enough for him. Maintain his interest by sounding intelligent as you speak.


Me, Myself and I

Stop talking about yourself already. Sugar Daddies don’t like spending time with women who are only interested in talking about themselves. He wants to feel important too. And he certainly can’t feel that way if you’re only concerned with what you have to say. Whenever you think that you’re talking too much, try to politely divert the conversation to him with a question or a compliment.


Don’t Complain

Don’t complain about your life, your food, your dog or anything else. When you start complaining about all the difficulties you’re facing in life- major turn off. It’s exhausting to listen to someone whine about whatever internal conflict they’re having. You can save all that for your friends. The reason why your Sugar Daddy chose you is because you’re his sweet escape from all his other troubles from the outside world.