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Common Types of Sugar Daddies. Sugar Daddies come in all ages, shapes, sizes, experiences and preferences. There are all sorts of Sugar Daddies out there. Young, old, tall, thin, generous, strict, wild, – you name it. You may think it is easy looking for a Sugar Daddy. Yes, it is but it is quite difficult if you’re looking for Mr. Right Daddy. While you’re scrolling through that list, you might be a little lost here and there, especially if you are still new to the Sugar World. Most importantly, always make sure to have a set of expectations and qualities you’re looking for in a Sugar Daddy. You don’t want to end up finding a grain of sugar in a pile of Salt. You want to find a good match for yourself because who knows it might lead to a long lasting mutually beneficial relationship!

First of all, ask yourself : What do I want? You’re out on a hunt for a Sugar Daddy who is on the same level as you are, one that understands clearly what your wants and needs are and what he’s willing to offer. The key to a prosperous sugar relationship does not solely rely on attraction, but also on mutual respect.

Today, we’re going to be talking about the 5 most common types of Sugar Daddies that you will encounter in your journey of Sugaring.

The Fresh Daddy

There are more and more Sugar Daddies entering the Sugar World lately. The newbies are usually not so picky when it comes to choosing their own Sugar Baby. They have yet to set their standards as they are still quite indecisive about their choices. They are still new to the whole Sugar dating idea so don’t get turned off by that easily. This type of Sugar Daddy is willing to try or learn new things as they are new in the sugaring game. You have to be more patient towards him and guide him in the relationship(since you’re the experienced one), who knows maybe you can be the dominant one in the relationship!

The Businessman

I bet you’ve heard of the phrase ‘Don’t play hard to get, play impossible to forget’. You can imply the saying perfectly into this Business Daddy situation. This Businessman Daddy is a highly motivated working professional. Thought he doesn’t have time for relationships, he still wants companionship. If you are targeting businessman Daddies, you gotta play your game well. You have to look like you know it all, like you’re a woman with substance and confidence because they like their women smart, classy and sexy. All of these ‘trades’ will come in handy especially when you need to accompany Daddy to business dinners or corporate events as you need to impress his friends.

The One With the Wife

This one is the most common of all Sugar Daddies. He is married and his wife stays at home to do all the chores and cooking for him while he’s out there having the time of his life with his Sugar Baby. He want some Sugar on the side to fulfill his desired fantasies before going back to his good ole’ boring wife. Many Sugar Babies prefer to date a Daddy who’s married because he will not stay attached to them. No matter how playful he is, bear in mind that he still has his wife waiting for him at home. He will cancel on you last minute because he has plans with the family. He will not text or call you too much because that will leave a trail of evidence. If you are dating him, it will be a very private relationship. The rule of dating him is to be discreet. The both of you will always have to be very careful because he wants to prevent getting caught by his wife or he probably doesn’t even want anyone to know that he is a Sugar Daddy. If you are someone that loves attention, then I suggest you to not get into a relationship with a Sugar Daddy like this.

The No Commitment Sugar Daddy

He clearly does NOT want any sort of commitment. All he really wants is just to have some fun. He wants a Sugar Baby that will go on an adventure with him and satisfy him in every way. He makes a lot of money and spends like a bon vivant, hence, he is willing to spend lucratively on his Sugar Baby. As long as you fulfill his needs, he will keep you but not for long because he is not the kind that wants to be tied down by anyone. So once he’s done having all the fun he wants with you, he will break it off and move on with someone new. Besides, its not surprising if you find out that he is two-timing, or even three timing. Remember not to question him about it or else he might eliminate you as well for putting your nose into his business.

The Grandfather

The name itself already tells you that he is old, very old. He fits in perfectly into the common perception that people have : Sugar Daddies are old. But he has his perks. He is matured, rich, and smart. He is everything a Sugar Baby wants to find in a Sugar Daddy. Why? Because he spent most of this life making money and now he just wants use his remaining time left to relax and enjoy life. Daddies like these usually only look for good companionship and someone that can make him happy. Therefore, he is easier to please and it takes less effort to win his heart.

These are the 5 most common types of Sugar Daddies that occupy the Sugar Bowl. So when you start hunting for a Sugar Daddy, be clear of what you want and which type of Daddy you can handle. Take your time to decide what you want in your arrangement, which is the first step to finding the perfect Sugar Daddy for you.

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Common Types of Sugar Daddies