By | Published on Nov 10, 2017

First dates are nerve wrecking and sometimes, they can make you act a little crazy. You think of what could happen, what could go wrong, what to wear etc. mostly because you just met this other person online and you want to present yourself in the best way possible.

In honour of this wonderful event, we want to share our thoughts on all the hilarious things women do before a first date.

So here you go, the complete guide to preparing for the day, that you might just find familiar:


  1. Perform a complete vicious social media stalking on your date

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, whatever you have access to. You’ve probably looked through them for the 100th    time. But you still want to be sure.


  1. Send your date’s photo to your BFF whatsapp group

Suddenly everyone is Judge Judy and starts zooming in for any signs of imperfection. Await the comments from your friends his looks and compare him with their version of the perfect man(Ryan Gosling?).


  1. And probably several photos of your outfits

Is this ok? Do I look slutty? Too much boob?


  1. Planning your hair-washing schedule for the week with military precision


  1. Schedule to hit the gym each day one week before the date day


  1. Fail to work out on any said gym day


  1. Have a moment of breakdown and decide to go online shopping to scout for something decent because you have ABSOLUTELY NO CLOTHES TO WEAR. Nope. Not. A. Thing.


  1. Buy something despite knowing its not the right size purely for the slither hope that you can pull it off and everything will fall right into place


  1. Realize that your delivery won’t be able to come in time(have a mini heart attack). Pay extra for next day delivery.


  1. Wax your legs for the first time in 3 months.


  1. Give yourself one last confidence boost

You are a majestic lion. You are a queen. You are going to make heads turn.


  1. Have a mini panic attack on your way there

Just about 10 minute before you reach, you’ll panic about the smallest thing in the world. Did I turn the water off before I left the house?


Men have no idea what’s really going on behind closed doors, do they?